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Dimplex STP001 Decorative Stove Pipe

Dimplex STP001 Decorative Stove Pipe

Dimplex STP001 Decorative Stove Pipe
Product No: FS12204

  • Dimplex STP001 Stove Pipe
  • This stove pipe can only be used with selected stoves that have a flat top to them for the dummy stove pipe to sit on top of the stove. If you chosen stove has controls on the top or vents or anything else that may foul the pipe sitting flush then this stove pipe would not be suitable (so please ensure to check this detail out against the stove you intend to use it with or purchase
  • The stove pipe is made of Black plastic and is only suitable for electric stoves and cannot be used with a gas or solid fuel real fired stove
  • The dummy stove pipe is a dry fix and simply sits on top of the stove in to the round circular collar seen in the picture it is not permanently fixed to the stove in anyway
  • Adjustable flue pipe height from 456mm - 516mm maximum with a 90 degree bend to go up against an immediate wall behind the stove to create the impression the flue is venting out through the wall

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Specifications | Dimplex STP001 Decorative Stove Pipe

External Dimensions


Dimplex STP001 Decorative Stove Pipe

Fire Diagram


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