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Outset Gas Fires

Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire

Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire

Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire
Product No: FS619

  • Maximum output 3.6Kw
  • Efficiency rating 78%
  • Manual Side control as standard
  • Coal fuel effect only
  • Authentic Black & Brass finish
  • Glass fronted outset fire
  • Suitable for Class 1 , 2 prefabricated & precast flues
  • Natural gas only
  • Depth of fire fully outset 212mm
  • Optional extra Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sensor available, 7 year life, battery operated, 3 x AA included, Twin LED light indicators (Normal and Alarm indication), test/reset button & end of life alarm. Compact and lightweight battery-powered CO alarm provides essential protection
    against the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide and provides continuous monitoring of CO levels (see optional extras section below to purchase this item)
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    Valor Heartbeat Installation & User Instructions

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Options | Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire

Code 0533901
Code 0533901

Energy Type | Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire

Valor Natural Gas (NG)
Valor Natural Gas (NG)

Specifications | Valor Fires Heartbeat Gas Fire

External Dimensions

Suitable for class 1 chimneys, class 2, prefabricated* & precast flues

Maximum heat output (NG) high 3.6Kw low 0.8Kw Maximum heat input high 5Kw low 1.5Kw

Modern Outset Gas Fire With Living Flame Effect

NOTE: Please ensure to have a survey carried out by a Gas Safe Register registered gas installer to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney or flue with this fire before making any purchase to avoid disappointment. *Also due to the sheer number of varying flue boxes it is not possible to know which fires are suitable until such time as the exsisting fire has been removed. Also be aware that due to the fire producing heat the interior of the fire may become marked over time through general wear and tear.

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