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    Here at Fireplace Megastore you will find a great quality range of gas fires, including flueless gas fires, basket fires, inset fires and outset fires. Offering fires to suit all homes, here at Fireplace Megastore you are guaranteed to find a stove that not only complements the décor of a room but also the overall layout of a living space.

    Whether you are looking for wall mounted gas fires or freestanding gas fires, a fire adds both warmth and character to any living space. Gas fires allow you to heat a room, even if you don’t have a chimney.

    At Fireplace Megastore we offer an extensive selection of cheap fires to cater to all budgets. With inset and outset fires, our fires come in a range of contemporary designs as well as more traditional styles – so you can easily find a gas fire that matches the look and feel of your home, while acting as an attractive focal feature to any room.

    In terms of design, gas fires available on our easy to use online store include open fronted gas fires as well as glass fronted fires and Radiant gas fires.

    Choose from gas fires that operate from either Natural gas or Propane gas (LPG). You will also find a number of high efficiency gas fires, providing you with superior value for money year after year.

    Treat your home to the warmth and character of a gas fire by browsing our competitive selection of cheap gas fires. Find your perfect fire by browsing everything from flueless gas fires, wall mounted gas fires, inset fires and outset fires.
Gas Fires

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Gas Fires

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Gas Fires

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Now £649.00

Gas Fires

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Now £733.00

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