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Flueless Gas Fires

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    Flue less appliances have been around for some time and incorporate the latest in gas fire technology using a catalytic converter which the combustion gases pass through converting all harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water vapour. The result is an appliance, which is 100% efficient with low running costs.

    There are over 40 Million Catalytic Fire users in Japan and over 20 Million in America, Britain is only now just catching on to how useful these items can be.

    appliances can be easily installed into most rooms providing there is a gas supply and the room meets the minimum size and ventilation requirements. There is a choice of free standing, inset and wall hung versions available in this section.

Flueless Gas Fires
Flueless Gas Fires

was £499.00

Now £349.99

Flueless Gas Fires

was £599.00

Now £427.99

Flueless Gas Fires

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